Flat White Review (Durham)

This summer one of the spontaneous trips I decided to take was a short ‘getaway’ to Durham. Two of my friends live in Durham, studying at the university so it was the ideal chance to get away and explore the beautiful city I had heard so many positive things about. I must say, one of my favorite things about it had to be the ‘cafe culture’ that is embraced. The independent cafe’s and coffee shops gave the city such unique and quaint character it definitely ticked the all the right boxes with me.
The recommendation of going to Flat White lay in the knowing minds of my two friends who have been living in Durham a year now, who claimed it as a ‘local hot spot’ that I simply wasn’t allowed to leave Durham without tasting. There are two separate locations, one ‘Flat White Kitchen’ and the other ‘Flat White Cafe’, and we were lucky enough to delve into the indulgences of the latter.
On the drinks menu, the main stand outs to intrigue for me were (quite cliché but it’s a crime not to have it) their eponymous Flat White and the Green Smoothie. This contained avocado, cucumber, Apple, spinach, honey, however I decided that it would fill me up far too much and I didn’t want to dent my appetite for the all important brunch! The flat white was delicious, light and not at all bitter, however admittedly rather on the small side. The coffee is locally sourced roasted in Newcastle a company called OCC. Apparently not huge yet but doing well for small roasters and I can certainly see why!
Flat White
We all ordered our respective dishes, and waited eagerly for them to arrive. We chose:

Apple & Blackberry Pancakes With Almond Crumble And Pouring Cream (£8.95)

Blackberry Compote Pancake Stack

There are not many words to describe this. A picture is worth a thousand words (and this dish is probably worth the same amount of calories…). BUT if you have a sweet tooth, love great quality handmade pancakes full of rich and heavenly flavours, this is your dish. BE WARNED: getting a food baby in included in the price.

Grilled Cheese (Swiss, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Pickled Pink Onions, Sourdough) (£6.45)


The sweetness from pickled onions with saltiness of the cheese worked perfectly making an easy favorite (you don’t think ‘foodie’ when you see grilled cheese sandwich) delectable. The quality of the ingredients really shine through here but perhaps not the best options if you’re really watching your saturated fats!

Avocado on Sourdough Toast, Chilli, Feta & Coriander (6.95)


The sourdough crusts were slightly too far on the crunchy side, but the glaze over the bread was done to perfection. Just one slice of it was the perfect portion side as there was close to a whole avocado on top- any more and I would have struggled to finish! The avo was at the peak of its ripeness, so the softness contrasted delightfully with the crunch of the sourdough. The spiciness of the chilli worked beautifully with the creamy avocado and sharpness of the lime. My only nip-pick-reservation would be to add slightly more feta to the dish (less of a pinch and more of a sprinkle), but great nonetheless.

Best sellers:

  1. Avocado on toast (for foodies like myself…)
  2. Pancakes (the chefs regularly change the different recipes to mix them up and keep things interesting- FULL MARKS for this!)
  3. Eggs Benedict/ Hollandaise (who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast?)

The only downside I would say is that the sides cannot be ordered on their own, so if you only wanted a light bite or your stomach isn’t feeling a full dish, you cannot merely nibble on some corn fritters with chipotle mayo (I was most intrigued)..

Overall I absolutely loved my experience here. Speaking to the manager, he explained that they use hardly any freezers- making things fresh in store. Behind the scenes there are three chefs: one on hot food, one on cold, one prepping all the ingredients (e.g.- the smashed avo). The freshness shone through, and I can see why so many students give this local cafe the highest appraisal. If you’re ever in Durham- definitely seek this little gem out! It’s well worth it.

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