So it’s been a while…

After a summer that, at face value, may seem to be far too long (pushing 4 months), but in my mind has flew by at an exceedingly fast pace; I recently sat down to write down my ‘to do list’. This list is long overdue, especially considering when I’m in ‘work mode’ this is a part of my daily routine. Reeling out all the things I need to organise, this list continued to fill up every single line of the A4 page I was using. Head in hands, I began to think that perhaps I could have been slightly more productive this summer.

One of the points on this list was to get back into blog writing. It is an activity that a absolutely love doing- I feel like I’m just expressing my passion for a day to day hobby or interest I have. No complaints there. However, in and amongst my daily routine, naturally, such an interest gets pushed to the bottom of my priority list.
The beauty of writing my (ordinarily more regular) to do list is that I can relocate the focus of my mind on what instills joy within me, and I can say with absolutely no reservations that is: writing, good food, being fit and travelling. Therefore, this, in short, is a sort of ‘mini apology’ to myself and a motivational kick in the arse to get me back into blogging. I will (I promise) be writing blogs A LOT more regularly than previously. I mean, it’s been 10 months. That’s a pretty easy promise to keep.

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