Legs Workout- Circuit Training

I can remember a time, not so long ago, that the prospect of moving to a place without an easily accessible gym would absolutely terrify me.

I feared that without the reliance and knowledge I could go in to a fully kitted out gym, I’d crumble. I’d totally lose my fitness and, without the exercise, I’d have to massively reduce my daily caloric intake.

This mindset, I know now, is ridiculous. There are so many incredible ways of exercising that aren’t just squatting with a barbell and dead-lifting. Plus, circuit training, running in the sunny outdoors and varying your workouts are great for your mind and body.


I recognize now that health is not defined by the regularity of gym sessions in a week. To be the ‘healthiest you’ requires you to feel happy in yourself and enjoy your workouts, without feeling stressed or obsessive about the process.

I’ve been really loving creating fun home workouts (tried and tested by yours truly) and varying my workout routine. Below I’ve noted my home legs workout which will absolutely wreck your glutes and quads… which is the absolutely perfect result in my opinion.

Give it a go and see how you do!

Do each exercise 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Between each set give yourself 2 minutes rest. I completed 3 rounds of this circuit, which takes approx. 40 minutes. But, tailor it to how you feel comfortable. You obviously want feel the burn, but if you’re not used to circuit training- make sure not to overload yourself! The great thing about this is you can see progression: so next time you can try an extra set if you’re up to it!

  • squats
  • hip thrusters
  • right leg lunges
  • left leg lunges
  • wall sit
  • right leg lat lunges
  • left leg lat lunges
  • right leg split squat
  • right leg split squat
  • SL hip thrusters (switch legs half way)
  • jumping squats

I really hope you enjoy the workout and I’d LOVE to hear your feedback. If you loved the burn as much as I did, or reckon you could improve it send me a message and it’d be much appreciated!

I hope this helps any of you who simply prefer home workouts, can’t be bothered to go to the gym, or (like I used to be) get worried about not having access because of your circumstances! You need nothing more than a floor and some motivation for this one. So get ready and get sweaty.

Lots of Love,

Jane x

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