A little about me

Hey! My name is Jane and I’m a food and fitness blogger. I love exercise, lifting weights particularly, and cooking is my other favourite way to spend my time (and eating, of course…)

I am currently studying English Literature at the University of Bristol, and I’m in my second year of study. However I was brought up, and my home remains, in Nottingham.

I’ve always enjoyed sport, but it wasn’t until I got in to 6th form that I started getting really in to fitness. I went from being really unfit, as I never pushed myself hard enough before, to spending a lot of time tiring away on the treadmill. This was hardly an awe-inspiring workout plan, but I didn’t know any different.

My fitness journey has altered a fair bit, going from excessive cardio, to weight lifting- a hobby that I love SO much. Feeling strong makes me feel so motivated and healthy, it’s made my mindset a lot more positive towards diet and exercise, not motivated by weight loss.

My family have always been excellent chefs, and my father’s passion and skill for cooking has clearly been passed down to me. I still recall the family dinner’s in which my Dad quizzed my sister and I on the ingredients that were combined to create the dish in front of us. I can thank my family for the love of food that I have developed.

I love eating healthily, and the majority of my day-to-day cooking is healthy. This is partially because I look feeling nourished, as well as the way it tastes! My relationship with food has not always been a healthy one, however. Back when I was growing up I treated myself too often, not realising that I needed to balance it out with sufficient exercise. I was really unhappy with the way I looked, and I grew extremely self conscious in myself.

I then veered to the other extreme, obsessively counting calories and trying to eat as little as possible to lose weight. But, with the help of counselling, family, friends and my boyfriend I can know honestly say I’m in a much better place. It’s still a journey that I struggle with and through, but I’m so much happier and healthier in myself than ever before.

This blog is a platform which I intend to share my passions: I’ll write anything from my daily food diary, to new recipes (healthy and healthy-ish, shall we say), workouts and fitness goals. I really hope this interests you, and to hear your feedback.

Lots of Love, Jane xxx

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