Review: The Old Bookshop

  On a cold, snowy evening Holly, Epigram’s Deputy Food Editor, and I journeyed out to Bedminster to try out ‘The Old Bookshop’s’ new menu. Located in the heart of Bedminster, conveniently sat just a stone’s throw away from the Tobacco Factory, The Old Bookshop is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Bedminster’s finest... Continue Reading →

Review: Bakesmiths

Bakesmiths has become a favourite to all coffee and bread-lovers alike, since its opening on Whiteladies Road in Spring 2016. Planted in a perfect location, it’s located just up the road from some of the top brunch spots in Bristol, from Brew Coffee to Brace & Browns. Luckily, Bakesmiths does not fall into the shadows.... Continue Reading →

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