Flat White Review (Durham)

This summer one of the spontaneous trips I decided to take was a short 'getaway' to Durham. Two of my friends live in Durham, studying at the university so it was the ideal chance to get away and explore the beautiful city I had heard so many positive things about. I must say, one of... Continue Reading →

So it’s been a while…

After a summer that, at face value, may seem to be far too long (pushing 4 months), but in my mind has flew by at an exceedingly fast pace; I recently sat down to write down my 'to do list'. This list is long overdue, especially considering when I'm in 'work mode' this is a... Continue Reading →

A little about me…

To be honest, I never used to fully comprehend the point of blogs. I could not understand who would have the desire to read an article written by an amateur writer like myself. Luckily, my mindset took a complete U turn and I'm an avid blog reader now. I've made this to be a¬†little "window... Continue Reading →


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